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Living From Your Heart

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In this series, we explore the possibility of living a heart-centred life, on a day to day basis.


It is through our hearts and the feelings expressed within, that we can experience a deeper sense of connection, unity, and love.

It has been said that we have made the mind the master and our hearts the servant. Now it is time to reverse those roles and make our hearts the master.

As Joseph Campbell succinctly describes it: "The Hero's Journey - from the head to the heart."

5 Easy Steps to Mindfulness

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"Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us."  - Mindful Staff

The most effective way I know to come into Present Time and become truly mindful, is through the 5 senses, with a little 6th sense thrown in. These exercises involve being totally focussed, using one sense at a time and noticing everything about what you are experiencing.


Book Review

Personally knowing Rick, I can honestly say this man lives from his heart.

I  thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted read, specifically reminding me of the importance of living from my heart and trusting the guidance from within. - Matt - Australia

Cause No Harm - A Handbook for Humanity

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Cause No Harm is a fresh, new approach to how we can live our lives through more conscious, caring and responsible behaviours, which benefits all species and our home Planet Earth.


Everything that is to be done will have as our first consideration, the idea that it must Cause No Harm.


Book Review


This handbook is remarkable in its profound depth, expressed in such a simple return to first principles. I can tell that this represents an entire life’s work, part of which has been to contemplate how to hone the concepts to their core,

traditional messages.

Dan Leftwich, Founder of Evolutionary Law, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Free eBooks

Finding Your Life Purpose


Is your life filled with Passion and Purpose?

If yes, keep going!

If not, perhaps you need to find your Life Purpose, the reason you are here and what it is you are meant to do? 

In this eBook, the steps to identifying, or at least drawing you closer to your Life Purpose are easily defined.

All it takes is a little deep dive inside, while holding the question and the intention to know the answer with clarity and certainty.

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Celebrating The Sacred Masculine

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Exiting from the Agrarian Age of producers and

consumers, we became a species hell bent on

consumerism and materialism, feeding the industries that manufactured stuff and reaped huge profits.

Egos, primarily male, took over most of the senior

positions in society, heading up families, communities, industries, religions, medicine, finance, etc. A huge imbalance occurred and remains in place today, but that is all changing now!

Enter the sacred masculine, the new man, balanced in masculinity and femininity, honouring equality, cooperation and very comfortable in his skin.

In this series, we will explore some of the

characteristics of the sacred masculine

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Celebrating The Sacred Feminine

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In this series, we celebrate all women, for

without them, you and I would not be here.


Delving into the depths of conscious, caring and

powerful attributes of women, we are here to

celebrate their contribution to the world.


With the transformation of the human family,

comes the necessity to bring a balance in the

masculine and feminine energies.


One day in the not-so-distant future, men and

women will walk hand in hand, in equality,

respect and deeply honouring each other.


This day is dawning.


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The Vision Quest

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Running Deer is a Cherokee First Nation tribesman on a mission.

His quest is to explore a deeper connection to Mother Earth and The Great Spirit, through removing himself from his day-to-day activities and totally immersing himself in nature, silence and the inner journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

Based on a true story, you will follow Running Deer on his sojourn within and the challenges he faces to emerge triumphant, renewed and regenerated in body, emotions, mind and spirit.

What he uncovers, lies within all of us, if we are ready and willing to look!

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The Vision Quest - Reader Review
"This is a wonderful story capturing our ever evolving journey through life. 
The insights we gain if we push through our self-imposed limitations and ingrained beliefs. 
This story, told through the eyes of a young Native American Indian, takes us on a magical journey as he traverses his Vision Quest to the other side - to light and wisdom. 

Truth lies in this work for us all to follow."

Paula Johnson, Holistic Bodyworker & Writer - New Zealand

My 21-Day Deep Dive Within


While it is a further 25 days since I completed my 21-Day Retreat, quite clearly I am still undergoing the integration phase and who knows when if ever that will end!


Radical surrender and radical acceptance still come into play on a daily basis.


The gains I have experienced as a result of this experience are enormous and ongoing. The process and activities associated with mastery over my Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body continues.


To read about the gains acquired from this process, please read or download your

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Journeys  of The Soul - Volume 1

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Here we journey with two young people, Jake and Angelique,  as they dive into their lives and within, to seek the answers to their deepest questions.


Peppered with snippets of wisdom, this journey is a reminder of our own path - from our head to our heart.

You will be taken aback by Jakes courage and Angelique's innate wisdom, their compassion and shared love.

This is a tender and profound love story that leads us to the Infinite.

Bon Voyage!

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Definition of Success
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For me, the true definition of success is:


The warmth of a person's heart.


Nature has been around for a long time, a very long time and she never makes mistakes, so it stands to reason that Nature has achieved a huge amount of success through getting a lot of things right. Similarly, traditional, indigenous and aboriginal folk for eons have followed in her footsteps, emulating and worked with Nature, instead of against it.


By taking the time to observe Nature, we can immediately see the most successful metaphors for life and business, right under our noses.


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