WHY I do what I do

I experienced the insanity and man’s inhumanity to man during the Vietnam War, and I don’t want my children, or anyone, to go through that experience, ever.



I develop workable tools to becoming more conscious and I share them with others.


HOW do I do that

With everything I undertake in my life, I endeavour to deliver from a place of love and passion, which is reflected in my writing, coaching, counselling, running retreats and sharing my wisdom through interviews.


Rick was born in the UK, migrated to Australia with his family as a teenager and spent 33 years Down Under. He moved to South East Asia in 1990, living and working in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia with stints in Brunei, Malaysia, the Middle East and West Africa.


A former Health, Safety & Environmental specialist, Rick now lives in the mountains of Bali and is the founder of Heaven in Bali Retreat Centre, the focus of which, is to guide people to consciously evolve into their true and authentic selves, beyond their masks and the fear-based ego.


He is an activist for change, valuing integrity, authenticity and the recognition of our innate wisdom that lies within all of us, waiting to be liberated.



Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below are a few of my most recently published books for you to browse. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.

Cause No Harm

Cause No Harm

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Cause No Harm is a concept, philosophy and Core Value that can be adopted by individuals, families, educational institutions, Small to Medium Enterprises and large multi-national organisations, to reflect their personal integrity along with business ethics and strategy. Everything that is to be done will have as the first consideration, the idea that it must Cause No Harm. No harm to ourselves as individuals, other people, our equipment whether owned or leased, materials, others assets, the environment in which we work, the planet as a whole and future generations who will inherit the legacies we leave behind.

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