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Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Life and Spiritual Coaching are not necessarily the same, but can often be aligned.

So what is the difference?

Life Coaching– Sometimes in life we just need a little nudge in the right direction, or some clarity about what our next move forward should be.

Sometimes an obstacle, barrier or challenge can appear insurmountable and we need another, fresh perspective on the subject. Occasionally, we may need to arrive at a challenging decision with absolute certainty that we are doing the right thing.

Life coaching has your goals in mind, so that you can proceed with your life with certainty and clarity.

Let’s face it, life can be challenging at times, can’t it? Rick has been coaching people for over 40 years and draws on his own life experiences and yours, to arrive at a satisfctory solution to your challenge(s).

Spiritual Coaching- There we are, going about our daily life and then someone or something appears and knocks us off our perch. It could be emotional turmoil we find ourselves in. It could be an element of mental anguish or an uncomfortable scenario from the past that has raised its head for handling, healing and releasing.

Whatever it is, if we knew what it was, and could view the truth of it in its entirety, it would not bother us.

It would be something accessible and in the conscious, analytical mind. But the source of our woes lie in the hidden, “charged” areas from our past, not easily accessed and resolved.

Sometimes it is just being “stuck”, not able to see the bigger picture or beyond our current stage of conscious evolution.

That is where a good Life or Spiritual Coach can help.

We guide you to and through those troublesome areas and help you relieve the hidden charge and help you unravel the confusion, to pave the way to a compelling future filled with hope, creativity and potential.

“The Only Way Out is Through”– Robert Frost

We DON’T do the work for you and we don’t use hypnosis, but we do compassionately facilitate arriving at a viable resolution and conclusion that works for you!


Working with Rick is a wonderful experience. He knows how to hold the space for you to journey into the deepness of your being, guiding and supporting you as you effortlessly experience deep transformations.

I recommend his work to anyone that seeks a tangible change within their lives.

Errol Campbell

Founder of Source Awakening

Coaching is by appointment and best conducted face-to-face, but is also effective via Skype or WhatsApp.