• Rick & Lita

Journeys of The Soul - Values

Because of his turbulent upbringing, Jake had a natural tendency to be both curious on the positive side and somewhat cynical on the other. Like all of us, he carries the duality, the Yin and Yang of life; there always being two sides the same coin.

In earlier times he would seem lost, repeatedly struggling with the ‘Dark Night of The Soul’ and never quite fitting in, despite his desperate attempts to do so, to no avail.

Most of the time he felt misunderstood!

It was because of Angelique’s presence, her ‘awakened’ spirit and pervasive influence, that Jake rekindled some of his childlike (not childish), curiousity and questioning.

They were at a simple roadside café one evening, savouring some delicious local food, when without any prompting, Jake started rattling off all the things he admired about Angelique.

Clearly he was in love with this girl.

Jake went through his list of physical attributes Angelique had; her ability to hike all day without complaint, her independence and the lack of the need to be seen perfectly made-up or dressed to please others.

He adored her courage to explore new ideas, food and places, along with her willingness to dive into her own emotions and limiting beliefs, whenever they surfaced.

“There is a consistency with you honey, that never waivers, no matter what is transpiring around us.” “I notice it, but I cannot quite put my finger on it.” "What is it that repeats itself so beautifully that gives you that consistency, has people and especially kids, radiate to you and makes you so authentic? he asked.

“Thank you Jake for asking such a profound and intimate question,” Angelique replied, lovingly touching his hand.

“I learnt from watching and observing both my parents that they exhibited certain values, things that they felt were important to them and that drove their behaviour. Of course in my early years, I just thought everyone valued the same thing, but as I ventured out and into my teenage life and seeing some of the way my friends parents behave, I realised that was not the case."

Of course I adopted some of my parents values,” she added “And then one day, I asked myself, well what are my values?’ “What do I consider important for me, not what Mum and Dad’s values are, but mine.”

“I wrote them down in a list and juggled them into some sort of order of importance.”

“Naturally some are the same, but not necessarily in the same priority as my parents.”

“So my ‘Observant One’, what do you think are my priorities?” she questioned Jake.

Without hesitation, Jake retorted “I see you value integrity the most in your life, towards yourself, me and others.” “You are always honest, faithful, trustworthy, transparent, and you always do what you say you are going to do.”

“You are respectful towards yourself, your body and other people, not to mention Mother Nature and all she offers.”

“You value equality, diversity and allow others to have their own opinions, faith, sexual orientation and beliefs, without judgement.”

“You are patient, persistent and never give up and I love that about you!”

“And most importantly, you are sincere and dedicated to becoming more aware and responsible in all that you do.”

Angelique was taken aback by Jakes observations and replied, “Thank you Jake, that is a lovely summary of what you see in me, so let me tell you this, which I believe to be a truth, If you can see these qualities in me, then you must have them with in yourself, otherwise you would not see them!”

Jake took a moment to let that sink in and was simultaneously floored, dumfounded and nearly fell off his chair!