• Rick & Lita

Journeys of The Soul - Letting Go!

While it seems like Angelique always has excellent control in her life, her upbringing in a results-driven family, no doubt played and important role in shaping her character.

During her studies in Paris, she was always well disciplined, punctual and on time with her assignments.

Jake on the other hand, was a bit more lackadaisical in his approach to life, having no role models in his family to show and exhibit anything different.

Far from being a perfectionist, whom he correctly believes are being driven by fear, Jake would always settle for ‘close enough is good enough!’

This was a little unsettling for Angelique and one day out of frustration, she uncharacteristically blurted out “Jake why don’t you put some structure and predictability in your life!”

This took Jake aback and he replied, “What on earth do you mean?” "Do you want me to be more like you?”

Getting triggered and defensive now, Angelique waded in with “So you think there is something wrong with my behaviour and how I am Jake?”

Normally, Jake would follow the exact aggressive pattern that he learnt from his parents, who had no idea how to handle conflict and he would just explode.

But this time he was different, having a great love for Angelique and his temper being more subdued from being in her calming presence for months, “Absolutely not honey” he directed at Angelique, ”I don’t think there is anything wrong with you, but sometimes you could let go and let things unfold organically, instead of trying to control everything.”

Angelique took a deep breath and instead of firing back, she let Jake’s words sink in, deeply in.

“Mon Dieu Jake!” “I am being just like my father who had a military background and needed to have everything in our lives executed with military precision, yes, sir, no sir” she laughed as she saw the ridiculousness of the situation. “This may have served me before, especially when I was studying, but now I am a free spirit and on holidays traveling around the world with you”. "I don’t need to know what we are going to be doing from one minute to the next!”

“That is exactly right Angelique and when you think about it, we actually do not have 100% certainty of what is going to happen tomorrow, or in the next hour” he chuckled, “So are you ready to let go that past behaviour that does not serve you now and let our lives be?”

"You bet I am, but you may need to nudge me now and again, if I fall back into that pattern,” Angelique requested.

“Ha, Ha, ha!” Jake roared, “That’s where the baseball bat comes in!”