• Rick & Lita

Journeys of The Soul - Intuition

Jake had been turning over in his mind, a recent encounter with another traveller, who he and Angelique had come across in India.

The Westerner pickup up on their interest in the ‘meaning of life’ and seemed particularly enamored with Angelique, and she mentioned this to Jake in private, “I really don’t like this guy’s vibes!”

“What do you mean?” Jake questioned.

“Well, I feel whenever I am in his presence that he is undressing me and it feels really yucky!” Said Angelique who went on, “We have seen him around the hostel and every time we get in his space, a strong aversion comes across me, although he says all the right things and looks great.” “I cannot put my finger on it, but I just sense something about him”.

Jake replied, “I read somewhere, Oh yeah, I remember now, it was Eckhart Tolle and he suggests we have a Pain Body in which is stored all our mental and emotional pain gathered throughout our lives."

“Well I tell you Jake, this guy is carrying a lot of pain and it seems to me to be centred around sex or women,” Angelique suggested. “Maybe he was sexually abused as a child?” she added.

“That is a possibility Honey,” Jake added “And if so, he needs some help getting to the root cause of this behaviour, before it gets him into trouble."

"There you go Jake, your big compassionate heart at work again!” she quipped.

“What does concern me though is, how come I don’t feel what you do around him, Angelique?” Jake asked.

“Well it is like this honey,” She patiently replied, “Women seem to come automatically downloaded with extra intuition, because when they have babies, they need to know what the child needs, because at a very early age, they cannot announce this to their mums. So women seem to be able to hone into the energy of others better than men, although men are certainly not without this capacity.”

“So how do I become more intuitive without having a baby?” Jake quipped.

“Practice Jake, practice!” “Every time you sense or intuit something and it turns out to be true, acknowledge yourself for it.” “Not by beating your chest and yelling out to the world, but quietly to yourself – ‘I knew that!’ encouraged Angelique.

Wise Angelique went on, “Learn to trust your intuition and your heart Jake, together they will guide you to all the right people, places and situations you need to experience, in order to become more conscious and wise.” “No baseball bat needed!”

With that, they both looked at each other and burst out laughing!