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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

For the past eleven years, we have been helping people to unravel their lives and develop a heart-centred way of living. This is in direct alignment with the emerging new paradigm and the conscious, path of human evolution.

"I participated in the “Experiencing Your Authentic Self” retreat in Bali and WOW, it was truly an experience I will never forget!

When I first arrived, I was feeling unsure of myself, insecure and a little bit scattered.

Rick invests his time in you and most importantly his passion, to help you see your fullest potential and how you can contribute and share the best possible version of yourself with the Universe.  Rick guides you to see life more simply and heartfelt;  to live via your heart rather than your head makes for a more precious life, with depth and meaning.

I learnt how to see things differently and to change my perspective.  Living more positively incorporating the 6 great virtues of the heart.  Creating this world for yourself brings about more harmony and like-minded people.  And for those not so like-minded people who will inevitably enter our lives and when situations upset us, well, Rick gives you the tools to be able to deal with these situations in a more loving way.

This is where we also learn to understand why people behave the way they do and why things happen even if they don’t sit well with us. There are always lessons to be learnt and it has become my greatest privilege now to try and work out why something has happened.

It’s a lovely reminder that I’m now awake and it gives me the practice that the universe is telling me I need.   I have learnt to be more conscious in everything I do and it feels like I’ve woken up from a deep, deep sleep!  I also feel a lot more at peace, a greater sense of calmness and a stronger belief in myself since returning from the retreat."

Cetti - Australia

Overview – The Experiencing Your Authentic Self retreat is a collection of modules designed to open your heart and master the art of operating and living deeply from your heart, on a moment-by-moment, day-by-day basis. 

In other words; changing from a FEAR-based life, to a LOVE-based life, by moving from your head, to fully into your heart – “The Hero’s Journey.”

6 Nights in award winning accommodation

Objective –  To identify and fully define that which stands in the way of us reaching our fullest potential, to master the six heart virtues and to delve deep within, releasing that which no longer serves you from your past, to reveal a compelling future and the emergence of a new, better version of you.

We only serve healthy, nutritious food, mainly organic and some from our own garden.

Your Retreat Package Includes:

  • 5-Day Interactive Workshop

  • 6-Nights Private Villa Accommodation

  • Daily “Heaven-In-Bali” Resort Breakfast, Lunch &  Dinner

  • All Beverages, excluding alcohol

  • Daily Balinese Coffee/Cookies/Fruit Break

  • 1-Hour Traditional Balinese Massage

  • 1-Hour Coaching Session

  • Complimentary WiFi Access

  • Use of Swimming Pool and all resort facilities

  • CD of all course materials

Delving within, we can uncover who we are at the deepest level, at our core and it is not who you think you are!!

Take the journey, you will never regret it.

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