• Rick & Lita


Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Infinity - No Beginning, No Ending

If you ponder upon this title, you will quickly realise the ridiculous impossibility of this statement!!

Infinite has no beginning or ending, so it cannot be contained.

For the infinite to be contained, to occupy some position in space, be embedded in time, matter and/or energy, we would have to impose upon it, an untruth (okay, lets call it a lie)!

This lie is the Grand Illusion masters have advised us about for eons and it is just that, an illusion!

Now the mind can conjure up (because we are all magicians at heart), all sorts of limiting beliefs and ideas about ourselves, distorted perspectives about who or what we are and phoney perceptions of our true nature and origins.

So what is the lie?

We consider “Our Infinite Self” as somehow separate from the Infinite, from Infinity.

Simply put, we imagine ourselves to be separate from the Whole, which is Infinite and impossible to be disconnected from, as all things are connected.

And therein lies the root cause of our human condition today, the ego-mind out of fear, has us believe that we are a separate identity!

Once we do that, it is easy to carry that falsehood forward and believe that we are separate from our bodies, from each other, from Nature, from Nations.

This falsehood is the bane of humanity and leads to self-abuse, dysfunctional relationships, a sense of superiority, environmental desecration, wars and a whole gamut of destructive behaviours.

So how do we counter this falsehood and what could we do to rectify this situation?

Well the answer is both simple and complex, but in short, we need to wake up, become more aware and conscious!

And the starting point of this process, is being more mindful, identify our limiting beliefs, replace those beliefs, then deeply contemplating and feeling that we are limitless, whole and complete in this moment.

This, like any other aspect of our lives we want to improve, takes some practice and some reminders, but aligning with the truth of who you really are at the core, is truly liberating!

During our retreats, we conduct guided meditations and processes that take you deeper into this endless realm, not from an intellectual perspective, but a real experience.

The inner journey to your Infinite Self is, as Joseph Campbell beautifully puts it – “The Hero’s Journey”, the best and most richly rewarding adventure you will ever take!

Bon Voyage!