• Rick & Lita



Debunking the Illusion

Through DNA tests, we have determined that we get half our DNA from our Mum and the other half from our Dad, going back and back and back in time.

This being the case, it is plausible to think at some distant point, we could all be connected through our DNA, as One Human Family.

The spanner in the works here is that there is also some evidence that at some point in our past, there was an intervention in our DNA, which certainly disrupts the current perspective of our history, but still supports our connection to each other. But that's another story.

The wise sage Chief Seattle, Is attributed as the originator of the statement –

"All things are connected "

and Einstein suggests that:

"Everything is energy"

Taking these two factors into account, then we can safely postulate that as energy, we all are at the dimensional level of Consciousness, connected to this field of Consciousness, to each other, to Mother Nature, to the Earth, and to First Source (Whatever we may conceive this to be).

In fact, we ARE this field of Consciousness!

So if we are all connected via our DNA and Consciously, we have to ask ourselves:

“Why the hell are we fighting each other?”

We are all brothers and sisters on this planet we call home!

The answer to this is simple, as are all fundamental truths – we falsely believe that we are separate!

We are conditioned to think, believe and ultimately behave as if we are separate from our Authentic Self, separate from each other, from within our communities, tribes, nations, Nature, the Earth and beyond to the Source of All That Is.

This is the Grand Illusion, which is just that, an illusion!

We are NOT separate from anyone or anything and once we get this, we will cease to cause harm to ourselves, to others and the whole spectrum of life.

We are all inextricably linked together, where cooperation, compassion, Wholeness and Unity are the prevailing influences, except we don’t believe this, because we are conditioned not to!

Breaking out of this false belief system is addressed on our personal development retreats and the result is a prevailing sense of freedom and the ability to create the life and world our hearts desire.

It all starts with us moving from the self-deception in our heads and being guided by the wisdom of our hearts.