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Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Our world is currently undergoing massive, unprecedented and disruptive changes.

Practically every form of commerce and business, is being affected by this wave of change and no-one can honestly and with 100% certainty, predict where this is heading!

This leads to a certain amount of confusion and the good news about that, is:

“Out of Confusion Comes New Patterns”– Unknown

As a result of his 23 years in corporate at senior management levels and his subsequent exit, Rick has developed seven new business paradigm modalities, which lead to more sustainable, ethical and viable business strategies, to usher in these new changes.

These modalities dovetail neatly into the existing business pursuit of Money and Assets and go well beyond these two impetuses, to encompass what is good for us all and our planet.

All lasting change must come first from within, so we work with business leaders to bring about a fundamental shift in mindset, consciousness and behaviours, to support the newly emerging patterns.

When our focus encompasses a holistic perspective, what follows is an expansion of our capability to provide for ourselves, our employees, the immediate community, our global family, the Earth, with its myriad of life forms and resources.

Giving back and paying forward become the norm, along with cooperation, community and access to open source solutions.

We are already seeing these changes taking place with blockchain, decentralized crypto currencies, renewable sources of energy, intentional communities and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

For leaders to differentiate themselves and their businesses, they will need to voluntarily embrace these changes, or face even greater challenges as people, consumers, vendors and service providers radiate towards the new paradigm of business.

Rick’s insights into these new ideas for our future are the fuel to assist leaders and businesses to transit this metamorphosis as effortlessly and painlessly as possible.

"Changing a culture does not come easy or without some discomfort, but when it is established, it provides a wonderful platform on which growth, harmony and productivity can prevail.

This testimonial would not be complete without fully acknowledging the originator of Cause No Harm, Rick Pursell. His credibility, experience, wisdom, level of professionalism and caring, has been the driving force behind the cultural change of our company.

He has, and continues to inculcate the culture of Cause No Harm throughout the organisation, never failing to deliver the right words and guidance. He is thoroughly committed to change, not through force or effort, but from a genuine desire to help people live deeper and more richly rewarding lives.

I can unequivocally endorse both the Cause No Harm process of cultural change and the work of Rick Pursell."

Chairman & CEO - Singapore

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