• Rick & Lita

5 Ways to Success Through Nature

When I was still wet behind the ears in the early 70s (They are still damp now, I might add), I learned from a wise teacher the true definition of success: "The warmth of a person's heart." Not how much money or assets we had acquired, or fame, recognition or accolades, but the warm of our hearts, how much compassion and love we have for ourselves, for others, all species and our life-giving true mother, Mother Nature.

The true definition of success is:

"The warmth of a person's heart."

Nature has been around for a long time, a very long time and she never makes mistakes, so it stands to reason that Nature has achieved a huge amount of success through getting a lot of things right. Similarly, traditional, indigenous and aboriginal folk for eons have followed in her footsteps, emulating and worked with Nature, instead of against it.

By taking the time to observe Nature, we can immediately see the most successful metaphors for life and business, right under our noses.

1) The Caterpillar to Butterfly Metamorphosis = Change

Like the caterpillar attacking leaves, we as a species, have gorged ourselves on consumerism, materialism and greed, much to the detriment of the planet and ourselves. However, following its feast, the clever caterpillar then creates its new home, the hardened chrysalis and consequently, dissolves into quantum soup, knowing its demise is both assured and near.

The Butterfly though, senses through the imaginal cells in the soup-like state, its inevitable birth and revels in its opportunity to fly free and shine its beauty upon the world.

The current state of our evolution is the human metamorphosis and the collapse of that which no longer serves us. Indoctrinated education, political duality, economic madness in a debt ridden world, disharmony between belief systems, pharmaceutical and food corruption, wars, separateness, greed, etc, etc.

This is the inevitable breakdown that has to happen, in order to pave the way and create the much needed changes for a more compelling future.

Our task is to take these current challenges and change them into workable solutions for the good of all.

2) The Snake Sheds Its Skin = Leave Behind That Which No Longer Serves Us

According to Wonderopolois, snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin. As a snake grows, its skin becomes stretched. Unlike human skin, a snake's skin doesn't grow as the animal grows.

Similarly, our limiting beliefs will stunt our growth as human beings, so it well behooves us, once we have identified them, to let them go.

Not only limiting beliefs will hinder our forward progress, but on occasions, it could be people with whom we no longer or do not resonate with, places we work, live or play, unused material items that only form clutter and relationships that have run their course, can all have a “Use by date” and are inviting us to move on.

Honestly ask yourself “What in my life is no longer serving me and needs to be let go, in order to make space for something new?”

3) The Salmon Reaching Home = Facing AdversityWhy do salmon swim upstream? According to James Maclaine of the Department of Zoology, at the National History Museum, London, the short answer to this is “to spawn”.

“Salmon are born in freshwater, usually in cool fast-flowing water. They live in the river for about two years before making their way out to sea. After growing considerably in size, they return to the same river where they were born using chemical cues and battle their way upstream to the spawning areas. Sadly the effort of returning and fighting for territory and digging nests (known as ‘redds’) in the gravel wears them out so much that they usually die after spawning.”

Ponder for a moment, about this extraordinary feat that the salmon performs, moving from the safety and familiarity of its birthplace in fresh water and venturing downstream into a completely different, salt-water environment. After about two years, it intuitively is guided back to the original stream whereby it swims upstream against the current, dodges (if it is lucky), numerous predators that will take it for food and finally arrives back at its birthplace.

What courage, stamina and drive!

We too are regularly faced with challenges throughout our lives and we have the choice and free will to either run away from them, or face them square on and overcome them. Again it take courage and bravery to do this, but with no other real and lasting option than the “Way out is the way through,” we are self-obligated to take a deep breath and wade in!

Based upon the Law of Attraction, we in fact do attract these challenges to ourselves, in order to grow more aware and equip ourselves for our future activities.

So next time you are facing a challenge, know that out of it, can come some substantial knowledge, lessons and experience, which will serve you well in the future.

4) The Spider Web - Creating a Web of Connections

The illustious spider has an amazing capacity of resilence, persistence and optimism. Without his web, he/she will surely wither and die.

Meticulously weaving strand after high-tensile, silk strand, the spider creates an engineering masterpiece and if needed, will do this on a daily basis.

The webs complex structure means that when a single strand of a web breaks, the overall strength of the web increases rather than weakens.

It is now known that flying insect's wings create an electric charge which in turn acts as a magnet for the spider's web - sucking them to their doom in the sticky silk.

In these days where Cooperation Rises above Competition, your best solution is to create a web of safe, reliable, inspiring and like-minded friends, colleagues and associates. The days of the fiercely independent person are numbered, as connections and relationships become the prominent drivers.

Interdependence is a way of Nature, whereby all species are dependent on each other for our survival in some large or small way, but interdependent we are. Example: Bees are busy pollinating flowers from plants and trees each and every day, but what would happen if they all died off (Which they are at an alarming rate)? Very soon (4 years has been suggested), we would have no crops, fruit, vegetables or many other common foods and would be left with nothing to eat.

Do you see how everything and everyone is interconnected and interdependent and all equally important?

“Cooperation Rises Above Competition”

The World Wide Web and computers have opened up innumerable opportunities to connect with each other. Find and create high quality connections who will support your endeavours and you in turn, can support or encourage theirs. We need to bring back a sense and the reality of community, which is how our forefathers and mothers operated.

Create a web today, your web, which interacts with and cooperates with others.

5) Mother Bird Ejects Her Chicks From the Nest = It’s Time to Fly

She is such a good Mum. She labored over building a nest, choosing and relocating just the right material, laid the eggs, sacrificed her own food to keep the eggs warm and incubated and one magical day, the chicks hatched.

Oh the joy, the satisfaction, the achievement. But wait, it is not over yet!

Now she has the feed these little, furry, hungry and over-demanding chicks.

One day though, when the chick’s downy fluff turns into feathers and they are older and stronger, Mum musters up all her courage in the form of Tough Love and forcibly ejects them from the nest, to stand on their own two legs and spread their wings to fly.

This we must do on a regular basis, not jump out of a nest, but to consciously and willingly step out of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Face our fears, countenance our vulnerability and in the well-chosen words of Nike – Just Do It!

And yes, it will be scary sometimes and yes, the ego-mind will offer up all the reasons you should withdraw back to your fear and comfortableness, but rest assured, you will never fly from that place.

So, face your fears and transcend them and one day, you will look back from your lofty position and a quiet, humble voice from within will whisper – Hey you did it, you can fly!”

Fly high in all that you do my friends.