Walking The Sacred Path

If we truly and deeply look at what is there, we will see well beyond the physical matter  

Exploring Natures Garden 

Here we take a short tour through Nature and her occupants, accompanied by the music of Yaima

 5 Easy Steps to Mindfulness

To be truly mindful, we need to be in present time.

These five easy steps will bring you into present time and from there - the magic happens!

Energy, everything is energy 

The energy that eminates from us and is send out into the world, has a profound effect on others.

In this brief clip, we suggest that sending out the highest vibration energy can have the best effect. 

A Meditation to Calm Your Mind

Here Rick guides us on a direct, inner journey to the core of who we are.

Sit comfortably, relax, deep breath and allow the words and images to leave their imprint on your soul.

Remember who you are.

17 minutes.

Becoming More Conscious.

Music for the Soul

Listen with your whole body, not just your ears! 

We have 60 - 100 TRILLION cells in our bodies, when we listen with these intelligent cells and let the sounds permeate every one of them - magic happens.

Little Music Fan

What is behind Our Behaviours?

Here we explore what lies behind our behaviours, exposing the three primary elements that give us an indication as to why we do certain things in life.

It All Starts With Us

If we want to see changes and improvements in our lives and world, it has to start with us. We are the only ones we can effectively change.

My Early Years

– England & Australia

Here I recount some of my childhood and teenage life in England and Australia.

An idyllic life on a remote farm amid the stunning English countryside and then the beaches and adventures in Australia

Close to The Edge

– Vietnam War

As a reluctant draftee, I found myself in the jungles of Vietnam in an inhumane war.

It was 1969 and a catalytic year for this "kid", but I survived it and turned the experience around.

6 Easy Steps to Happiness

Happiness does not have to be elusive.

By following these six simple steps, we can experience a richly fulfilling life filled with happiness.

What is happening in

our World?

Rick uses the metaphor of Metamorphosis to suggest what is happening to our human family at this time.

Introducing Our Conscious Business Model

Here we identify the key elements of true wealth, beyond just the accumulation of money and assets, to a truly, richly rewarding life for yourself, your family and for your business.

Rick’s TEDx Talk

Recorded at TEDxUbud on May 6th, 2011, at Gaya Fusion, Ubud, Bali. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Living Classroom

Learning Centre

The Living Classroom Learning Centre is an initiative of the Taman Petanu Eco Neighbourhood, Heart Group to bring free, values-driven education to selected Balinese girls and boys.

Rick & Clinton in Interview

Clinton Callahan, a conscious, caring human being has a mission to help the world create the Next Culture - a new, more sustainable and loving way of being for humanity. In this interview, he speaks with Rick Pursell, a Spiritual Activist living in Bali, on his views on how the Next Culture can be created.

Eco Living Summit – Full Interview. 1hour 18minutes

Did you ever take a look at nature's teachings? Rick Pursell spent a lifetime observing nature and humans, and he took the time to share some of the results of his observations with us. His teachings about unity, patience, and respect for our environment are invaluable insights of a purposeful life.